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Corporate Info

Company Name

With U Co., Ltd.


JR Tower Office Plaza Sapporo, 12th Fl., Kita 5-Jyo Nishi 2-Chome 5, Chuo-Ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-0005, Japan

Phone: +81-11-261-9901 Fax: +81-11-261-9902

E-Mail: info@withu.co.jp


September 3, 2001


13,000,000 JPY

Fiscal Year End


Executive Officers

Atsuko Ueno
President & CEO
Representative Director
Yukako Yamaguchi
Vice President & COO
Representative Director
Ayako Nakagawa
Managing Director & COO
Board Member
Katsuhiko Sato
General Manager, General Affairs Department
Member, Board of Directors
One Auditing Officer

Place of Business

Sapporo, Japan

Our Businesses

  • Import and export of cosmetic goods and related raw materials
  • Production, purchase, and sale of cosmetic goods
  • Real Estate Management
  • Creation, development, production, and operation of social network games and computer software
  • Creation, development, design, production, and sale of character merchandise
  • Acquisition and administration of patent rights, copyrights, neighboring rights, design rights, trademark rights, industrial property rights, intellectual property rights, etc.
  • Creation, production, editing, publication, and sale of electronic publications, books, magazines, and other printed materials
  • All other related services

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